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Italian meets american


Benvenuto! The road that led to the creation of Dolci Caprani began 7 years ago in California.  Knowing I would only be on the west coast for a handful of months I sought out something I could invest my time and self into.  Bred from an Italian background, food in and of itself is an experience, an art, a culture, a true passion of mine. Savory or sweet, I enjoy the process of building a meal or dessert from first sip to last bite.  Growing up I watched my Mother Gabriella, Zia, Zio and most notably Nonna (Caprani), create amazing dishes from fresh, quality ingredients, transforming them into what I considered slices of heaven.  Most of the focus in these dishes was given to savory dishes, meanwhile I always had a special fascination with the business of desserts. Awe and wonder overcame me anytime I would pass a pasticceria in Europe. The detailed preparation and thoughtful flavors could really transport you to another time and place if done just right.

Food brings people together and I enjoy the element of entertaining with friends and family over a delicious meal. That's when it struck me...in California...the time is now.  I immersed myself in learning the art of cake and began making cakes and cupcakes, donating them to friends. Soon after, I began receiving requests for custom orders and before I realized it I had embarked on a journey where I was confident desserts would not only be my present, but my future as well. Cupcakes and single-tiered cakes led to pasticcini which led to wedding and themed cakes. Since day one, it's been important to me that both the dessert and design captivate your taste buds and wow your eyes. It's about the complete package and that is at the forefront of my mind going into every order I work on. I want to provide a positive experience for your senses and a lasting memory with those around you.

Skip to 2017 and I find myself in Baltimore finally making my dream a reality...Dolci Caprani was born. My mission with Dolci Caprani is to offer classic, flavorful and beautiful selections of Italian and American desserts using fresh, quality ingredients. Featured desserts will include those I fell in love with growing up in the US and Italy as well as my own designs and flavor combinations.

Family, food, heritage and passion are at the core of Dolci Caprani, giving the name special meaning.

Dolci means sweets and Caprani is our Italian family name. Classic, flavorful, beautiful.

Welcome to la famiglia - I look forward to creating custom designs for all your entertainment needs.